Saturday, 28 January 2012

Paint the town with nail varnish.

I have a huge obsession with nails, nail varnish, nail art, etc. I swear I'm in the wrong profession...I can't resist buying new colours or new trends. I had a huge haul of nail varnish when the crackle top coat came into our shops! I have at least 8 different shades of purple, but a girl can never have too much of a good thing! But I am struggling for storage at the moment, I have half in a Mingles tin, and the other in an empty Glossybox. I currently have 74 nail varnishes, I'm aiming for at least 100!

These are my nail varnishes, in colour order obviously... (There is only 72 here, I found two more after the picture). As you can see I am a huge fan of Models Own, their nail varnishes are so unique and really are chip resistant! Sometimes I rush and don't have time for topcoat and it still manages to stay put. This is my current favourite..

Models Own in Lilac Dream

This photo doesn't really do the nail varnish justice, its the perfect pastel lilac and looks amazing on. I had lots of compliments! These unfortunatly aren't my own nails, I wear nailene full nails after seeing them raved about on so many different blogs, I just had to give them ago. And at £8 for 200, they have saved me a lot of money (and time!) at the nail salon!

Whats you favourite winter nail varnish?

Katie x

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  1. That is a very impressive collection! I've never tried models own, but I've heard a lot of good things.

    I looove collecting nail polish too, and I actually just did a post about how I like to store all of mine

    If I had to choose one polish to recommend, it would probably be Rosie Lee by butter LONDON. It's a really pretty pink glitter polish!


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