Monday, 30 January 2012

The Internet is a girls best friend.

So this weekend I am going out in Manchester with work. I am so looking forward to a night out, I haven't been out in Manchester since I moved so I'm really excited! As with all nights out, the outfit needs planning. As my lack of money is not allowing me to spend as much as I would like, I have been searching the streets for a bargain! I love Topshop but its so overpriced at times, I can't bring my self to spend £40 on a dress I probably will wear once then sell on ebay! After walking around Wigan 100 times, I gave up and went home. Don't get me wrong I saw so amazing things coming into the shops, but I just couldn't stretch my budget far enough to get a gorgeous top to go with those perfect shorts!

The thing I love most about reading other people's blogs is the websites they remind you of. I have that typical thing where I go on the websites for the stores I go into, and tend to forget about the ones that are just online or not in the shops close to home. So here are few of my favourites, I have picked up on reading blogs...

Boohoo - Pretty well known, but I had to include it! Up to date fashion for a reasonable price. What more could a girl ask for?

Forever 21 - Cool, American-style fashion. Perfect for casual SS12 clothes and doesn't stretch the budget!

Love hearts and crosses jewellery - Animal jewellery, plus much more. Need I say more?

Miss Guided - Fabulous fashion, at high street prices!

The list is endless..there are sooo many websites I could include but I would be here all year showing you their beautiful things! I love internet window shopping, but sometimes I am just to tight to part with the £5 postage and packaging. If I see something I love from an online store, you will probably find me scouring the streets of Manchester looking for something similar! I think I need to take up a second job to pay for this spending addiction...

Any hidden gems I should know about?

Katie x

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pay Day Wishlist.

Money burns a hole in my pocket. My theory is you can't take it with you, so you might as well spend. Unfortunately my overdraft has other ideas.
As it is payday next week (and I like to spend my money before I get it) I feel it is time for a payday wishlist. The nights are slowly becoming lighter, and I am getting really excited for summer already, especially after seeing the SS12 collections that are slowly coming into the shops! I am super pale, but I am loving the pastel colours that are set to hit the shops. Fake tan is defiantly going to be my best friend this summer! This will be my first summer living in Lancashire, so there will be plenty of exploring on the cards. Anyway if money were no object these are the things I would be buying this month...

Katie x

River Island £35

River Island £25

River Island £20

Motel £38 (shorts)

Miss Selfridge £32

Motel £19 (Sale)

Primark £10


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Paint the town with nail varnish.

I have a huge obsession with nails, nail varnish, nail art, etc. I swear I'm in the wrong profession...I can't resist buying new colours or new trends. I had a huge haul of nail varnish when the crackle top coat came into our shops! I have at least 8 different shades of purple, but a girl can never have too much of a good thing! But I am struggling for storage at the moment, I have half in a Mingles tin, and the other in an empty Glossybox. I currently have 74 nail varnishes, I'm aiming for at least 100!

These are my nail varnishes, in colour order obviously... (There is only 72 here, I found two more after the picture). As you can see I am a huge fan of Models Own, their nail varnishes are so unique and really are chip resistant! Sometimes I rush and don't have time for topcoat and it still manages to stay put. This is my current favourite..

Models Own in Lilac Dream

This photo doesn't really do the nail varnish justice, its the perfect pastel lilac and looks amazing on. I had lots of compliments! These unfortunatly aren't my own nails, I wear nailene full nails after seeing them raved about on so many different blogs, I just had to give them ago. And at £8 for 200, they have saved me a lot of money (and time!) at the nail salon!

Whats you favourite winter nail varnish?

Katie x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Christmas Blues

Apparently I am RUBBISH at blogging. I get so distracted by everything else in my life! I am hoping now I am settled and Christmas is over I can get into a routine!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I got soooo much stuff I had to have a major clearout to make room for new things. I got lots of pennies too, to spend in the sales, which I must say haven't been as good as I had hoped! However, I have picked up a few bargins.Including this beautiful coat, I had been lusting after FOREVER..

Topshop, reduced from £85 to £40

I'm kinda glad Christmas is over and life goes back to 'normal', there is so much hype for this one day. Call me Scrooge, but I just don't get it.
Anyway this is my December in photos...

 Buffet at work/Wrapped presents/Christmas Party/Christmas Eve/Doggy's Christmas dinner <3

Katie x

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