Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello, Sunshine.

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to go Blonder than Blonde! My roots were getting a little out of hand, and every time I go to the hairdressers, I am never satisfied with the results. So I took measures into my own hands...and surprisingly it went quite well.

My natural colour is a light brown, mousey shade which I dislike and describe as a non-colour. So before my wedding in July, I went for some highlights to liven my colour up a little.. then the addiction began. Everyone commented on how nice my hair looked now that i had gone lighter, so I continued getting highlights done. Due to my lack of funds, I could only ever afford half a head leaving the rest of my hair a dull brown. While I was in Superdrug yesterday I picked up Smart Beauty Hair Dye in Platinum Blonde..

It was fairly easy to mix, you get two lots of powder and two sachets of liquid to mix together (it comes with a mixing brush, however you need to use your own bowl). Once its mixed you can begin (obviously after you have followed the skin and allergy tests!!). As my hair was quite dark underneath, I was a little concerned about what colour it would come out as. I left the product on for around 40minutes - maximum time is 60. When I first washed my hair it was bright orange, however then I used the handy toner that comes with this product and the colour evened out. There are still some different shades in my hair, but this was to be expected as it was different shades before I began.

This morning I have used Touch of Silver Twice a Week Toning Shampoo (from my previous post), I left this on for 5 mins, then used Touch of Silver Shampoo (daily use) and finally finished off with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner..and this is the result...

Excuse the bad quality photo, moody face and crazy make up patches (it doesn't look like that in real life!). But this is my bright blonde...get your sunglasses at the ready!

Any tips on how to keep my colour vibrant?

Katie xx

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