Monday, 17 October 2011

Baby face

Lately I have noticed a change in the oiliness of my skin. I have always had issues with my face from really bad acne in school, to the scars that it left behind. I know I'm not alone, but what I would give for a perfect complexion! After getting a bit lazy with my skin care routine, my skin is just not right. So two weeks ago I went to the trusty Clinique counter and literally asked them to "sort my face out please!". After the consultation I was advised I now had Oily-Combination skin. I have never really focused on the oiliness, but always on the blemishes, so this was a new approach for me. I was given this three step treatment:

So far, so good. I didn't expect huge changes overnight, but I've been using this for just under two weeks and the oiliness defiantly has improved. My make up is staying in place for longer rather than gathering around the bottom of my nose!

Next was to tackle my huge pores! I'm sure many people feel the way I do, that you can see my pores from 100 feet away. But I have realised that it only me that notices them! So with this in mind I went on the search for the perfect foundation to cover them up...

Living close to Manchester is God-send, my favourite shop HAS to be Selfridges. Its not often I buy anything but there is something very special about walking around this shop - even if I can't afford the £1250 Mulberry bag I'm after! And now the store in Manchester has been made even better, by opening a full brand new floor just dedicated to beauty. After much research online my trusted brands for a new foundation were Nars, MAC and Bobbi Brown. Thankfully all these brands are in one place - Selfridges.

Firstly I spoke to a lady at the Nars counter. She new which colour I was to go for immediately, and gave me a small sample of the foundation and a primer (which is very good). However, I didn't really feel she had the time to talk to me and discuss my needs.

After seeing no-one free at the Bobbi Brown counter, I opted to try MAC next. The ladies were very approachable and sat me down right away. Although I know this is the procedure in most cases I still felt important, whilst the MAC lady gave me a mini-makeover. She used many products; colour corrector primer, Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in shade NW20, concealer, powder, blusher and highlighter. As much as I loved the final look I don't need all of that new make-up in my life! I went in for foundation and happily left with this foundation...


This gives great coverage, it is a warm colour and gives me a healthy glow. What I like most is you can layer the foundation without it looking cakey, and build up in areas you think you need it most. I have only been using this for 5 days but so far its a winner.

Any tips for oily, acne-prone skin?

Katie xx

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