Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello, Sunshine.

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to go Blonder than Blonde! My roots were getting a little out of hand, and every time I go to the hairdressers, I am never satisfied with the results. So I took measures into my own hands...and surprisingly it went quite well.

My natural colour is a light brown, mousey shade which I dislike and describe as a non-colour. So before my wedding in July, I went for some highlights to liven my colour up a little.. then the addiction began. Everyone commented on how nice my hair looked now that i had gone lighter, so I continued getting highlights done. Due to my lack of funds, I could only ever afford half a head leaving the rest of my hair a dull brown. While I was in Superdrug yesterday I picked up Smart Beauty Hair Dye in Platinum Blonde..

It was fairly easy to mix, you get two lots of powder and two sachets of liquid to mix together (it comes with a mixing brush, however you need to use your own bowl). Once its mixed you can begin (obviously after you have followed the skin and allergy tests!!). As my hair was quite dark underneath, I was a little concerned about what colour it would come out as. I left the product on for around 40minutes - maximum time is 60. When I first washed my hair it was bright orange, however then I used the handy toner that comes with this product and the colour evened out. There are still some different shades in my hair, but this was to be expected as it was different shades before I began.

This morning I have used Touch of Silver Twice a Week Toning Shampoo (from my previous post), I left this on for 5 mins, then used Touch of Silver Shampoo (daily use) and finally finished off with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner..and this is the result...

Excuse the bad quality photo, moody face and crazy make up patches (it doesn't look like that in real life!). But this is my bright blonde...get your sunglasses at the ready!

Any tips on how to keep my colour vibrant?

Katie xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Baby face

Lately I have noticed a change in the oiliness of my skin. I have always had issues with my face from really bad acne in school, to the scars that it left behind. I know I'm not alone, but what I would give for a perfect complexion! After getting a bit lazy with my skin care routine, my skin is just not right. So two weeks ago I went to the trusty Clinique counter and literally asked them to "sort my face out please!". After the consultation I was advised I now had Oily-Combination skin. I have never really focused on the oiliness, but always on the blemishes, so this was a new approach for me. I was given this three step treatment:

So far, so good. I didn't expect huge changes overnight, but I've been using this for just under two weeks and the oiliness defiantly has improved. My make up is staying in place for longer rather than gathering around the bottom of my nose!

Next was to tackle my huge pores! I'm sure many people feel the way I do, that you can see my pores from 100 feet away. But I have realised that it only me that notices them! So with this in mind I went on the search for the perfect foundation to cover them up...

Living close to Manchester is God-send, my favourite shop HAS to be Selfridges. Its not often I buy anything but there is something very special about walking around this shop - even if I can't afford the £1250 Mulberry bag I'm after! And now the store in Manchester has been made even better, by opening a full brand new floor just dedicated to beauty. After much research online my trusted brands for a new foundation were Nars, MAC and Bobbi Brown. Thankfully all these brands are in one place - Selfridges.

Firstly I spoke to a lady at the Nars counter. She new which colour I was to go for immediately, and gave me a small sample of the foundation and a primer (which is very good). However, I didn't really feel she had the time to talk to me and discuss my needs.

After seeing no-one free at the Bobbi Brown counter, I opted to try MAC next. The ladies were very approachable and sat me down right away. Although I know this is the procedure in most cases I still felt important, whilst the MAC lady gave me a mini-makeover. She used many products; colour corrector primer, Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in shade NW20, concealer, powder, blusher and highlighter. As much as I loved the final look I don't need all of that new make-up in my life! I went in for foundation and happily left with this foundation...


This gives great coverage, it is a warm colour and gives me a healthy glow. What I like most is you can layer the foundation without it looking cakey, and build up in areas you think you need it most. I have only been using this for 5 days but so far its a winner.

Any tips for oily, acne-prone skin?

Katie xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Coat Crazy

For the past week I have been noting down everything I want when pay day arrives, thankfully that day in tomorrow! So I need to stock up on the usual - toiletries, new make-up (which will be reviewed), clothes, but most of all I want a winter coat.

A few weeks ago I purchased a Barbour Jacket from Selfridges in Manchester, I love the jacket, it's easy to wear, goes with most outfits plus the quilting is right on trend. However I think when the snow arrives (fingers crossed it won't be as bad as last Winter), it just won't be thick enough. My jacket copes well with the mild weather that we have been having but not so well with the rain - that has been constant for the past 5 days...

My criteria for a winter coat is:
  1. It want a hood - This may not be the coolest of things but I prefer a hood, however for the right coat I am willing to give up this luxury!
  2. It needs to have a zip rather than buttons (or both!) - I find this keeps more warmth in.
  3. I need a neutral colour so it is versatile - cream, camel, khaki, black or brown.
  4. It must not drown me!!- I am only 5 "2 and have a petite frame, I love knee length coats but most are designed for taller people than myself! I even purchased an Age 13 coat last winter to accommodate my size!
 With these in mind I have shortlisted a few coats...

The Parker - The ultimate coat. This is back on trend and unbelievably versatile. This can be literally thrown on with a chunky knit scarf or worn with some killer heels. I love the colour of this coat and at only £39.99 from H&M it's a steal!


Animal print - It seems like every year this trend comes back for winter. Fur is HUGE on the catwalk and this coat incorporates two of this winters biggest fashions. The only thing that puts me off is the lack of shape to this coat but I'm sure it would look completely different when its on. £70 Topshop.

Fur - There is something about fur that draws me in every time (fake not real, of course!). Again this is so on trend at the moment and would look amazing glammed up or dressed down. The big but for me is when the fur gets damp or wet it destroys the whole look of the coat and leaves it matted. I know 'you shouldn't wear it if it's raining' but come on I want an all rounder plus I live in the UK, if it didn't get worn in the rain or snow it wouldn't leave my wardrobe. Vila at House of Fraser - £85.

Now this is my guilty pleasure, it maybe doesn't cover some of my criteria (if any), but it looks amazing...on the website that is, I haven't got round to trying on! I love the subtle dusty pink colour that is so feminine, and the fur collar adds sophistication. This also has been reduced form £110 to just £80 - not bad for a coat that will never go out of fashion!

Fingers crossed at least some of these coats will be available in the store for me to try on tomorrow, I will keep you posted and let you know which coat I go for!

Do you have any coat style tips for petite girlies?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blonde Ambition

Over the last year I have been trying to get the red/copper tones out of my hair. Getting rid of red hair dye is a NIGHTMARE, so earlier this year when my roots were shoulder length (ergh!) I got the chop!

From this:

 To this:
(excuse the bad photography, I have somehow lost my camera charger..)

It was a relief to have my natural colour back, and nice for a change, but I like to change my mind A LOT. After realising my hair wouldn't grow back in the next 24 hours, I dealt with the situation and lived my boring hair for 2 months... desperatly needing a change I got some highlights. There is something addictive, for me, about changing the colour of your hair, if I go dark, I go really dark/black. But in this case I was going lighter gradually (so not to ruin my hair). So obviously now I want whiter than white blonde hair!

I'm sure a lot of you have discovered the yellow-tinge when highlighting Brown or dark hair, and I was desperate for something to tone my colour after the hairdressers. I searched for reviews on toning shampoos and came across this..

This had 5 stars on the reviews and at only £3.69 a bottle, I was willing to give it a try! And I love it! As you can see it is only to be used twice a week, following the instructions you lather on like a normal shampoo then leave for five minutes whilst it works its magic. Not expecting drastic results after the first wash, I dried my hair to discover the brassy yellowing had gone to leave a more ash-y tone. I have used this twice so far and had a number of compliments and a few "have you had your hair done?'s". (sorry about the lack of photos, it will get sorted soon). Not only this but it smells delicious, kinda like sherbet. So now I feel confident to go lighter and know it won't result in yellow hair! This is a must for those with white/grey or light blonde it will last forever, a little goes a long, long way!

Do you use any 'hidden gems' to calm your colour?

Katie xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

B.B - Best Buy?

Everyday I log onto Blogger for my daily fashion/beauty fix. There are so many amazing blogs out there that really do inspire readers to try or do new things! I love reading about the latest must-haves and I am a huge sucker for a new product to try or the latest clothing trends, and I just wanted to share my opinions with those who want to hear.

This blog is going to be a place for my beauty reviews, products to try (or not to try!) and basically what I spend my hard earned wages on!

I think it's fair to say if you haven't heard about Garnier's B.B cream, you have been living in a cave! I can't make it through an episode of X Factor without it being advertised. So of course I HAD to give it a try...

Last week I purchased this from Boots (advantage card points!!) for £9.99. I have a really pale complexion so I bought the Light but it does also come in a slightly darker shade. So firstly the texture is smooth and leaves your skin soft after use, and it smells amazing! I feel this is would be a fab alternative to foundation in the summer. However there are a few down sides, I found that it left my face quiet shiny (I had read that other users had used a powder over the top to give a more matte effect). I love the dewy look, and it is back again this season, but there is dewy - then there's greasy! After discovering this I experimented with using the cream as a base for my foundation, this is perfect as a primer and quickly replaced my No7 colour calming primer.This really helps to keep my make-up in place all day, even when I'm up at 5:15am. I will defiantly be purchasing again.

Katie xx
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